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Sandstone Bracelet

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The SANDSTONE is made of the gemstone Magnesite, which brings deep peace through the recognition of unconscious thoughts and feelings. It helps to bring all forms of self-deceit to the surface and puts into action a positive outlook on life. This stone can help eliminate body odor, and treat PMS, stomach, intestinal and vascular cramps, along with pain from the gallbladder and kidney stones. Magnesite also aids with the absorption of magnesium in the body.

These gold filled pieces and top-quality gemstones are sourced from small family owned businesses here in the U.S. Forget to take them off before showering? Don't Sweat it. These pieces are made to look brilliant through life's every day ventures. 

Small: 6.25"-7" Length of bracelet (first Link)  6.5"

Med: 6.75"-7.5" Length of bracelet (first Link)   7"